Najsvežije vesti vezano za rad joga centra pogledajte na Fejsbuku

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Yoga camp

Yoga camp starts on 29.08.(Friday) 15.00h and lasts to 31.08.(Sunday) 15.00h Program is adapted to suit advanced exercisers as much as to complete beginners.

Purpose of Yoga camp on one hand is- to familiarize the participants with various Yoga techniques and sciences, which later they can be practiced by oneself; while it provides a possibility of new experiences: to awake our unconscious psychic territories, detection and disengaging some mental blockings and limitations, expanding horizons, purification and self-healing. Psychical, and physical recovery and refreshment. We don’t need anyone to evaluate us in order to know how much we are worth, we are worth as much as we appreciate ourselves regardless of what we are like, what has been befallen on us, what we could and what have we accomplished. In plenty, there is always more, and in few always less, it only takes to expand the view. We shouldn’t bound ourselves by needless fears and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO UNCONDITIONALL HAPPINESS, AND NOONE CAN DEPRIVE IT TO OTHER.

Camp Timetable:

5:00 wakening (bed making, personal hygiene)

5:30 Meditation

6:30 Meditative walk

7:30 Breakfast

8:30 Karma Yoga

10:30 Pause (rest, personal hygiene )

11:00 Hatha Yoga

12:30 Yoga teorija (thematic : Hatha, Raja, Karma, Gjana, Kundalini ,Nada i Bhakti Yoga)

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Pause(rest, personal hygiene)

17:00 Meditation

18:00 Meditative walk

19:00 Dinner

19:30 Pause(rest, personal hygiene)

20:00 Nada Yoga

21:30 Bed time


Attendants should be 16 years of age, for younger participants parent escort is needed.Exercising is being held within bounds of pleasance.All medical conditions are needed to be enlisted on application, use of medics should be agreed by Yoga teacher.During exercises, restrain of speaking is needed except Karma Yoga exercises. Otherwise is advisable to keep our talk to minimum, to talk quiet, to respect the needs of those who wish to remain in silence.It is preferable to attend the exercising planned by timetable, or individual exercises that attendants can perform in their own rooms. Curriculum and instructions are in Serbian, with possibility of translation to Hungarian. While these exercises last, on all camp territories silence is MANDATORY. Beginning and end of these exercises are marked by a bell ring. Please arrive to start of exercises on time, and remain to end of it. Meditative walk is in the surrounding forest, as part of Karma Yoga is too, other exercises will take place on camp territory, part in the courtyard, and exercise hall.

From 22:00 do 5:00 silence is needed in sleeping rooms. 

Alcohol and other drugs are prohibited from use in camp, strong perfumes, musical devices. Use of cigarettes and cell phones is allowed during pauses in opened on camp teritorry on marked places.

Accomodation in camp is organized near Hungarian border, in the tourist zone of Kelebija forest, in a comfortable real estate. With four bed rooms, separate building with two bathrooms for women, and a separate one, with one bathroom for men. It is essential to use one of the pause terms for shower. Setting own tent is possible with prior arrangement. Attendants have to bring bedding (blankets, sheets etc.) personal hygiene items, exercise pads are provided.

Nutrition is vegetarian, mostly organic, from own production. Any individual specific needs should be noted on application, and if possible will be granted. Do not bring food into camp, the amount and composition of dishes is specific with a reason!

Camp entry is possible to 16:00h on 29.08.2014 at the latest, simply because program starts at 17:00h.

Camp can be left at any time, but in that case same Yoga camp can`t be rejoined. Every leaving of camp has to be notified to teacher prior to leave. Number of participants is limited to 20 persons, applications are accepted while capacities allow.

This Rulebook was set in order to provide best possible conditions for deepening into Yoga, and achieving the best effects of exercising. We are always opened for new suggestions, which we always reconsider and correspond to, guided by your needs and camps guide lines. We appreciate your understanding of need for making these rules. 

Camp is led by Nemeth Zsolt Yoga teacher registered by Europe Yoga Alliance, and the founder of Yoga Centar Subotica.Applying for the camp is possible by filling out the form along with brief conversation with teacher, form can be obtained in the Yoga Centar Subotica premises, with previously arranged appointment with the teacher. For the camp expenses, a fee of 1000 RSD is needed on the time of applying.

Join us, and have a nice time :)

For further informations please address HERE.