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About Yoga


Joga is a set of physical and mental exercises, lifestyle, path of self-improvement and self-realisation, which by removing of physical and mental obstacles and weaknesses triggers dormant capabilities, energies and potentials, leading to unveiling of already present inner wisdom, cognition of truth, belonging to eternity i unity. Correct practice of yoga(under supervision of experienced yoga practicer)leads to improvement of physical and mental health, it makes the life fulfilled with peace, joy and love, in other words - quality of life improves.

This invaluable mastery originates from India, thousands years ago.


Multiple yoga systems can be practiced: 

•              Raja Yoga- (self-realisation trough mind control)


•              Djana Yoga- (self-realisation trough adoption of deeper wisdom)


•             KundaliniYoga- (uniting the forces of opposite awakes kundalini energy leading to self-realisation)


•              Hatha Yoga- (self-realisation trough certain breathing and mental exercises increasing control over our body and mind)


•              Bhakti Yoga (self-realisation trough devotion, admiration, wosrhip)


•              Nada-Mantra Yoga-(self-realisation trough use of mantra’s-sound formulas)


•              Seva Yoga-(self-realisation trough altruistically serving to others)                                                                                                                         



•              Kharma Yoga-(self-realisation trough acting without expectations of the result)

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Positive effect of yoga to human health,better human relations and relation to nature,increased success in everyday activities(sport,work,stuies…) has assuredly been proven trough various studies and life practice.

Improved quality of slerep,better concentration,greater mind stability,better body posture,increased psycho-physical energy, open mind,strength for positive changes,reduced physical and psychological addiction, reduced or absence of some psycho-physical irregularities are some of the usual changes that exercisers notice on themselves.

Trying to help everyone to find a suitable program for themselves,our activity expands to following programs:


Hatha Yoga/Mild -  Mild and simple physical, breathing and relaxation exercises, determined for senior persons and persons with limited movement capabilities, also we welcome the persons who simply enjoy mild type of exercise .


 Hatha Yoga/Moderate – Classical moderate Hatha Yoga exercises, containing asana’s, pranayama,mudra,bandha and meditation.

Hatha Yoga/Advanced -  Classical advanced Hatha Yoga exercises, containing asana’s, pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga  - positions are held for short period of time, exercises fluidly continuing pleasantly forcing the energy


Power Yoga - positions are held for short period of time, exercises fluidly continuing, with slightly greater accent on physical strength comparing to Vinyasa Yoga, flaring the inner fire that combusts physical and psychological


Restorative Yoga –pleasant disburdening stretching exercises for longer period of time(up to 5 min. in some)increasing the effect of general relaxation dissolving rough energies, excellent for periods when we do not wish physical strain, just relaxation.

Prenatal Yoga  -  Prenatal Yoga class contains all elements of regular yoga class, with modified physical, breathing, and mental(relaxation) exercises adapted for pregnancy helping prevention and overcome of physical and mental challenges during pregnancy, delivery and after. Learning how to consciously manage this blessed period.

Entertaining Yoga for children - Yoga program adapted for children age 3-6 y.o. with physical, breathing, relaxation exercises trough interesting stories, and group for children age 7-12 with exercises fit for their age. Exercises increase awareness of movement, cognitive experiences on levels of their age contributing on their manners, social relating with others, open minded to adoption of healthier life philosophy, awakening poorly or entirely inactive potentials and qualities for becoming a truly liberated productive individual.

 Mother and baby Yoga – mothers trough exercising along with babies, connect trough the language of touch, stimulating healthy development of babies movement processes, and their own restoration after giving birth in a group where they can find appreciation and support.

Laughter Yoga -  workshop that stimulates true laughter that cleanses even deep anxieties trough exercises, entertainment and dance, awakening the cheerful child within us.


Yoga for healthier back – for prevention and relief with back pain, increasing awareness on importance of correct movement, increasing strength and elasticity of certain muscles for disburdenment of spine and dissolution of psychological base of back pain trough relaxation techniques (meditation)


Yoga theory – this class elaborates various fields of Yoga such as Yoga philosophy, Yoga psychology and theoretical parts of Yoga exercises etc. Elaborating questions or doubts of students.

Meditation - Simple effective mental exercises for achieving inner peace and coherence of mind and soul, by removing obstacles and awakening of dormant potentials inner wisdom glows removing ignorance, cause of all suffering. Exercises are practical,can be practiced anywhere at anytime. Persistent and regular exercising is mandatory for good results.

Meditation on classes lasts app. 30 min. preferably sitting on the floor or chair (or lying down)

Yoga massage - excellent because of the effect on heart chakra trough stimulation on sense of touch,organ that is connected with anahata chakra, removing obstacles from that region causing energy to flow .


Teacher training – this course is ment for those who wish to teach Yoga, just as for those who intend to have deeper knowledge about Yoga. Course starts every year in September ending in June following year, under certain circumstances later joining to ongoing course is possible.


Yoga camp Yoga camps are held every year on mountains and seaside,providing possibilities for deeper knowledge of Yoga, yogic way of life, psycho-physical cleansing and restoration.

 Yoga therapy (specific yoga exercises and guided meditation helping resolve specific psychological or physical conditions, held as private session)

Classes are held in Serbian and Hungarian language with possibility of explanations in English also.