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About us


 We started in 2006, in 2011, we registered as an association “Yoga Center Subotica”.
The Association is engaged in spreading and teaching multi disciplinary knowledge of Yoga and exercises, and as our primary goal the improvement of the quality of life of human society. “Yoga Center Subotica” is a non-profit organization (association), the membership fee is determined only to cover the basic costs of associations, continous education of teachers is in the best interest of teaching quality in the association.
The Association actively spreads Yoga techniques and philosophy of Yoga, and Yoga instructor training through organized yoga classes, and yoga camps.

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About the founder:


Nemeth Žolt is a licensed Yoga master acknowledged by Indias 1st. Yoga Alliance( YAI) which in time grew to inernationally scaled Alliance,controlling quality of schools and teachers work, with more than 4000 tought hours,more than 10 years of experience and diplomas at worlds major Yoga Alliances( Yoga Alliance,Yoga Alliance International,

Europe Yoga Alliance),Joga Savez Srbije and goverment bodies of law and regulations such as  Recreation and Fitness Alliance Serbia.

  Zsolt Nemeth in 2003.,started going to Yoga classes led by Leontijević Milovan in Subotica, where he was introduced to the basics of Iyengar Yoga.
  In the meantime, he started supplement his knowledge by Iyengar books and later continued to study yoga, exercise and learn. Iyengar’s yoga school felt too disciplined and emotionally impoverished. He visited Satyananda’s Ashram in Greece in 2006 where he met with Satyananda yoga. After returning from the Ashram continued his learning on this style with the help of Satyananda’s books and his previous experiences.
  That same year, he felt that he had sufficient experience which could be shared, and started teaching yoga classes. In the meantime, he met with various Yoga schools (Yoga Center Belgrade, Vidya yoga school, Purnam & selfness yoga school, Art of living, yoga in daily life) and obtained various certificates, and perhaps more importantly-precious knowledge, with deep r
espect and gratitude to all school teachers who he attended to.
  And today, from all this previous experience-his own style was born, which preserved a traditional Yoga with openness to modern,

discipline unified with love and gentlenes, style constantly striving to harmonize the laws of the universe (Dharma), the will of God.
Born in 1976 in Subotica, lives with his family on Kelebija.
Teaches Yoga classes, and training for Yoga Instructors in “Yoga Center Subotica” which he founded.




Guidelines of Conduct

Accuracy  Students are expected to adhere to as the start time and end time training. Each student is asked to arrive exactly on time , even though class begins about 10 minutes later , it takes time to get physically and mentally prepared and isolate oneself from the outside world and totally dedicate themselves, therefore to Yoga and relaxation. To ensure the safety of exercise and personal belongings of students, the doors are locked after the start of the training, afterwards it is no longer possible to enter. Also, it is expected that all students remain on training until the end, because early leaving of the training harasses other students. In exceptional situations, student may leave earlier (in prior arrangement with the teacher ).
Silence Students are expected to minimize mutual talks before class time not to disturb those who are relaxing and trying to separate themselves from the outside world, and discussions during the time of class completely,in other words silence is needed. It also means that all the students turn off their mobile phones before class.
Hygiene The Yoga Center pays special attention to purity, and it is expected from students as well. Removing off shoes is mandatory. Students are encouraged to take care of their personal hygiene, both for themselves and for others student’s sake .Student’s are asked not to use strong odors or deodorant, the best that they do not use it during exercising . Empty bottles and plastic disposable drinking cups after training should be disposed to garbage bin.
Food and drink The training is coming on an empty stomach, there for you should not eat 3-4 hours prior to training (except for easily digestible foods such as fruits etc. that can be eaten for at least an hour before training). The food is not allowed in the classroom , drinking water during training is not recommended. Drinking water is provided in the lobby (natural carbonated mineral water) and students are encouraged to drink plenty of water after training for further detoxification
Health We expect from our students to inform teachers about any injuries and changes in health or physical condition (and the occurrence of pregnancy). Exercises must be done within the limits of comfort, do not compare with others , nor compete with others, strictly respect the limits of your capabilities, if necessary terminate the exercise, rest, and continue later. Do not use chewing gum.
Questions Students should respect their needs and boundaries and also the needs and boundaries of others.

Questions before, during, and after training should be kept to a minimum. Once a week, on Saturdays from 17.30 hours during class of Yoga theory,

questions can be asked, even those that require long explanations in connection with Yoga. It is possible to make an appointment with the teacher

to resolve personal issues that require discretion. Dressing room temperature in the center is about 20 Celsius,

so it is recommended that students wear cotton clothes for good practice. Centre is equipped with the necessary tools to practice Yoga,

of course, if students wish they may bring and use their own rugs, blankets etc.

Their personal belongings to keep safe, because Yoga Center is not responsible for the security of their personal property.

Values can be left beside the mat in the gym (wallets, cell phones, jewelry, etc.)

 Monthly dues are paid in advance for the current month not later than of the month.

It can be realised in two installments half before and the other half before in the current month.


The only goal of Yoga Center is to improve the quality of life of human society.



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